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Want to identify your passion and give wings to it? Want to grow or start your business? Want a make-over of your personal life? Yes, you have stationed at the right platform The Tatwa. We help you achieve success, identify and hone your skills be it creative, personal or professional. We bring the transformation in who you are, what you do, how you communicate, in your total personality.

Through our tailor-made online and offline training programmes, we empower our customers to boost their self-confidence and recreate their life to enroute their success journey. The Tatwa, being constituted in the year 2015 has achieved immense success in soft skills training, image management, and personal branding. The company has shown steady growth by training 1000+ employees in the top companies like ABB, CISCO, and Philips to name a few.

As a professional what do you think is important to be confident and successful? How do you create that first impression with your clients or colleagues? Is it only communication or only looks. Not at all!! Communication along with the way you present, carry yourself, your persona stylel, body language everything matters to be the best. In this video you can have a glimpse of how the leadership qualities can be achieved by grooming your personality and enhancing your soft skills. Ramya Sidharth, a professional image consultant brought about a complete transformation in his body language, grooming and dressing. This is the right time to develop your personal branding that will make you stand out amongst the crowd. Contact us for more details


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Meet the Women in Action at the TATWA

Ramya Sidharth, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, an impregnable optimist who has touched millions of lives by helping them be who they are in the fortune wheel of The Tatwa. A simple damsel with 10 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing field identified her potential and climbed the success ladder by helping people enhance their communication skills, boost their self-image and transform their complete personalities to grow personally and professionally. A 2019 Mrs India finalist, she has never looked back from then and is proud of her achievements of having trained 1000+ professionals or individuals, 100+ individuals during the pandemic and 50+ corporates, and 500+ college students and pageant aspirants. Her career boundaries are not just limited to training, but she is also a key-note speaker, career counsellor, guest lecturer for management colleges, and a judging panel for Mrs India Inc.

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Our work ethic is not just limited to delivering our course content structure, but we understand each of our client’s requirements and customize it accordingly. We follow a unique methodology wherein we identify the goals of the clients, create awareness of the programmes that benefit them, provide them rigorous training, and prepare them for their final goal. Our sessions are practical, interactive with videos, feedbacks, improvement sessions that provide utmost benefits. Our vibrant team conducts sessions with a combination of instructions, practical examples, and live case scenarios. Experience the power of our programmes to be an effective and efficient communicator, leader, trainer, entrepreneur, create the first impression with your personality and a complete personal and professional development. Be it a student, pageant aspirant, professional, individual, team anyone can attend our training sessions to master the art of living a successful life.

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We are a dynamic team working from the garden city of Bangalore. The Tatwa team is ever energetic to talk and brief you on our sessions and offer excellent customer experiences.

Our personalized services are developed and delivered based on intense research that is t argeted towards gaining excellence and creating a positive impact. We are just a call away or you can mail us with your requirements. Our experts will connect with you in a jiffy and guide you accordingly.

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