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Effective Communication At Workplace

The ability to communicate effectively is an important skill in today’s professional and personal world.
Effective communicators are looked up to and respected for their ability to transfer information in an easily understandable manner and build a conducive environment for exchange of ideas across a wide variety of audience profiles.
Communicating effectively becomes an important factor to ensure success of any task which requires synergy between internal and external teams. We at The Tatwa help to overcome the barriers for effective communication and upskill your personal and professional growth.
  • verbal and non verbal communication
  • email etiquettes

Interview Skills

Despite being highly qualified for a particular role, you fail to create a positive First Impression on others. The first few seconds are enough to analyze your behavioral traits and emotional level which talks a lot about what kind of a person you are and how you are likely to behave in future.
Many capable people are disqualified from job opportunities because they simply do not look the part; however, they lack the sense of realization, the reasons for which they were not hired for the desired role. At Tatwa we help get your dream job effortlessly.

Time Management

Time management program is designed to help manage time more efficiently and significantly improve productivity of an individual or a team. This skill also plays a critical role in one’s ability to manage stress. Time management at The Tatwa focuses on planning & exercising mindful control on the time spent on numerous tasks. This leads to an increase in output, competence & general effectiveness of an individual/employee.

Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness means something entirely different for everyone based on your career, personal life, and goals. As a general rule, personal effectiveness means to utilize all of your skills, talent, and energy to reach a goal or set of goals in your life. Many hope to improve their own personal effectiveness but are unsure of where to start.
At The Tatwa we help to maximize your personal effectiveness in the personal and professional world.

Anger Management

Is your temper hijacking your life? These tips and techniques can help you get anger under control and express your feelings in healthier ways. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion, neither good nor bad. Like any emotion, it conveys a message, The true goal of anger management isn’t to suppress feelings of anger, but rather to understand the message behind the emotion and express it in a healthy way without losing control. Mastering the art of anger management takes work, but the more you practice, the easier it will get.

Email Etiquette

Email etiquette is one of the most important skills employed in the workplace today. As with any technology, however, email and other electronic forms of communication bring their own unique challenges.
Effectively communicating plays an important role in professional workplaces, as well. If you know the rules of email etiquette and put them to proper use, it will be easier to get your point across.

Dining Etiquette

Dining etiquette plays an important role in everyday life including our professional lives. In the current day business scenario, employers conduct interviews, networking or business meetings over lunch or dinner.
In addition to good personality, Image and communication skills, displaying appropriate dining etiquette helps establish an employee’s credibility and reputation.

Travel Etiquette

Exploring a new destination and immersing yourself in the culture of its citizens is an immensely rewarding experience. But it can be even more rewarding if we, as travelers, take care to observe the customs and travel etiquette of the places we visit.
We become your fashion assistant and help you with what and how much to pack for your vacation.

Personal Branding

Your personal brand is how you promote yourself. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see you. It is the telling of your story, and how it reflects your conduct, behavior, spoken and unspoken words, and attitudes.
Personal branding is the effort to communicate and present your value to the world.

First Impression

It is essential to have the ability to create a powerful and desired first impression for success in personal, professional and social life. Whatever happens with one in any sphere of life depends on the outcome of a first meeting. One needs to learn the science and art of image management in order to be able to do this. It is not a simple process but an involved one taking into account several factors that contribute to one image. It is an ongoing evaluation as with changes in age, circumstance and roles and goals the image projected has to be different.

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